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10 Gorgeous Steampunk Wedding Dresses

Theme weddings are becoming ever more popular and for the couple who shares a passion for steampunk, a steampunk themed wedding is the only way to go. Of course, finding all the proper wedding necessities for a steam theme may prove to be a little more challenging than a more generic type of wedding, such as a winter wonderland or a luxurious princess theme.

Luckily, this handy connector of minds we refer to as the internet can make your search a little easier. Not only can you find excellent ideas and inspiration for your wedding, you can order the perfect dress from any number of steampunk dressmaking professionals.

Here is a list of ten amazing steampunk wedding dresses in a variety of styles that you will either fall in love with or, at the very least, be wonderfully inspired by:

This dress is white and lacy and full of ruffles. The button detailed bib top gives an excellent suggestion of Victorian values but the tight fitting bodice allows for just the right amount of rebellion.

And for me, it’s the poufy bridal skirt swimming in ruffles that makes the whole dress so beautiful.

You can find this dress at Steampunk Couture for $600.00  

steampunk wedding dress
This dress is a detailed six piece set which includes a beautiful custom made corset, a white velvet bustle skirt with train, lace gloves, white Victorian-style lace-up boots, a mini top hat, and a cameo necklace.

Every item is lovely but it’s the corset, of course, that offers an amazing centerpiece to the whole ensemble.

This is a Clockwork Couture dress available for $1450.00  

steampunk wedding dress
For a darker wedding, this black and white-accented steampunk wedding dress is as full as it is fabulous.

It’s perfectly decked out in lace and ribbons and boasts a delicate train. This one is also available in many other colors with various other customization options.

The Wedding Dress Fantasy site lists this dress as $1900.00, (currently on sale for $895.00)  

steampunk wedding dress
One of the many Etsy wedding dress gems, this is a Cinderella style dress available in red or champagne. The red is amazingly bold and sexy while the champagne gives a more demure, princess style look.

It’s accented with ruffled lace and hand sewn glass pearls. The satin sleeves are optional and the petticoat can be purchased separately.

This dress, and a link to the petticoat, can be found on Etsy for $725.00.  

steampunk wedding dress
I think this dress is just unbelievably fabulous. The lace trim on the corset is with the cameo in front gives such a delicate appearance to the whole dress.

The skirt has two full ruffles sewn into the base to give a robust and dramatic effect. This dress is available in black, red, or white for $785.00 on Etsy.  

steampunk wedding dress
Not your typical wedding dress. This one is black and lavender, shorter than traditional gowns, and a little bit bolder.

It’s a three piece set including a petticoat, a skirt, and a fully boned corset top, all made from rich and stunning fabrics.

It’s available on Etsy for $595.00.  

steampunk wedding dress
This steampunk wedding dress will give a much more gothic look to your wedding ceremony. It includes a soft boned corset trimmed with lace and a metal cross, a black cotton full length skirt, a black cotton petticoat, and a copper (or other color of your choice) skirt ruffle.

This dress makes an excellent nontraditional alternative to all that white satin many brides have been known to favor.

You can find it on Etsy for $495.00.  

steampunk wedding dress
For those with more simple, elegant, and classic tastes, this dress has just enough ruffle and trim to catch the eye while still offering an air of quiet beauty.

The front of the corset has a keyhole opening sporting a silver key and the straps are interlinking hearts of sterling silver. It’s a very unique dress without coming across as at all overdone.

This too is another Etsy dress, available for $1880.00.  

steampunk wedding dress
This one is the embodiment of perfect Victorian elegance. The jacket is included and the hat is available as an addition to the set.

This dress has many fine details in terms of coat tails, collars, and buttons that can all be modified by request. Laces can be added and different colors or fabrics can be requested as well.

It is available on Romantic Threads for $1150.  

steampunk wedding dress
Here is a sleeveless, off the shoulder bodice with a Parisian Victorian reproduction skirt. A matching jacket is included and both the jacket and bodice can be trimmed however you wish.

The skirt is wonderfully ruffled all the way down the train with plenty of lace trim added throughout.

It can be found on Romantic Threads for $1050.00. 

Many of these dressmakers provide quite a bit of customization options so you may be able to discuss alterations if you’ve found a dress you loved but one or two things just didn’t quite work for you.

Hopefully you were able to find some inspiration for a steampunk wedding dress. If you’ve decided on one that is not here, let us know about it in the comments below!

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