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7 Styles Of Steampunk Goggles To Complete Your Steamy Attire

Steampunk Goggles

Not every steampunk outfit features a pair of goggles, but for the most part, they’re a pretty standard steampunk accessory. So why all the goggles, people? Should you just throw them on because they seem like the steampunk thing to do? Egads! No! Goggles in a steampunk wardrobe, believe it or not, do serve a significant purpose. Granted, the right pair of goggles will add an excellent air of industrialism, but there’s more to steampunk goggles than meets the eye.

Goggles didn’t just accidentally become an awesome steampunk accessory for no good reason. All goggles serve a purpose whether used in steampunk fashion or not. One of the most practical purposes for goggles in the steampunk world relates to the fact that steampunks are generally required to make or customize their own gear. With brass, copper, and other metals being a common steampunk material, the need for goggles as a form of eye protection is unarguable. Steampunk welding goggles are not only popular as a great accessory, they’re important for many steampunk tinkerers as well.

For those who don’t construct their own steampunk gadgets, goggles also have other important purposes that may pertain to your style. For those who have a passion for airships, steampunk aviation goggles hold a natural significance. Steampunk motorcycle goggles would have the same importance for anyone with a love for bikes and choppers. Spelunking and exploration goggles are common additions as well for any who have an interest in such activities.

Steampunk goggles can be added to an outfit for any number of reasons. Perhaps they actually serve a practical purpose or maybe the type of goggles you’ve chosen holds a certain importance to your specific tastes. Steampunk goggles can be used because they represent your interests and personality but at the same time, you may just add a pair to your wardrobe because you love the look of them. While many accessories tend to have little or no useful function associated with them, goggles can at least be said to have roots in some practical purpose or another.

Here’s 7 Styles Of Steampunk Goggles:

Steampunk GogglesSteampunk aviation goggles are excellent additions to any outfit inspired by airships, piloting, and all the technologies dedicated to exploration of the sky.

Steampunk GogglesFor those who enjoy tinkering with steampunk gadgets, steampunk welding goggles not only look great, they’ll provide some legitimate eye protection at the same time.

Steampunk GogglesNot every pair of goggles needs to serve a practical purpose. Steampunk brass goggles can sometimes be worn for the sheer aesthetic benefit that comes from a well made and beautifully detailed accessory. 

Steampunk Goggles It kind of goes without saying that if you have a love for motorcycles and dirt bikes, steampunk motorcycle goggles are a highly practical accessory that will do more than just make a nice addition to your steampunk riding outfit. 


Steampunk GogglesGreat for arctic expeditions, these steampunk explorer goggles will not only protect your eyes from stinging snow and wind, they would go quite smashingly with a brown leather fur-lined steampunk type of jacket.
Steampunk GogglesWhile you may not be currently out trekking through caves, steampunk spelunker goggles can be worn a tribute to your passion or hobby. Or, you may just be seduced by these ones because of the nifty little light attached.


Steampunk Goggles
Not so different from steampunk welding goggles, steampunk machinist goggles are a great accessory for tinkerers to keep the steam and debris out of your eyes.

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