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7 Wonderfully Unique Steampunk Pocket Watches

There is just under a zillion steampunk pocket watches out there (yes, I counted) and while every one of them is awesome and unique in its own way, some pocket watches go above and beyond the call of creativity.  Not everyone of these pocket watches are functional for actual timekeeping, but they’re all amazing works of steampunk art jammed into a tiny pocket watch style frame.

The Gritty Mechanic Steampunk Pocket Watch

A bit of a beast of a piece, this steampunk pocket watch is gritty and greasy and completely industrial.  Perfect for any airship mechanic or steam engine engineer.  What I like best about this piece is how different it is from most other pocket watches.  Instead of tiny gears and glossy shine this watch chooses merely to be bold and brave in it’s clunky skin of grease and steel.


Solar Powered Turbine Steampunk Pocket Watch

This gold and silver little marvel winds by means of solar power.  Now, if that isn’t a true display of steampunk ingenuity then I don’t know what is. Despite how nifty the watch actually looks, I find that the main appeal comes more from the result of tinkering with technology rather than just picking up an old pocket watch and prettying it up with some cogs and gears.


1886 Victorian Spy Camera Pocket Watch
Providing all kinds of excellent steampunk inspiration, this pocket watch does not in fact tell time but is merely a disguise for a miniature spy camera.  As a precursor to modern spy cameras, this pocket watch camera is a fantastic example of Victorian era tinkering and gadgetry and, really, it’s just plain neat. Unfortunately this seems to be one of a kind and was sold at Bonhams auction for 36.000$ …

not working steampunked versionSilver Pocket Watch Pendant
This steampunk pocket watch is one of the non-functioning jewelry types of pieces.  While it’s more of a clockwork pendant than a standard pocket watch I couldn’t help but love the fine engraving detail and tiny clock parts.  I also find that the gold beetle on the red glass button makes a lovely contrast to the polished shine of the silver.

Steampunk Octopus Pocket Watch
While there are a few different styles of octopus pocket watches out there, I can’t resist the desire to own one every time I see a new design.  This may not be not the most unique steampunk pocket watch in terms of concept but I find that it’s one of the nicest octo-watches I’ve seen.  The clock face inside the watch features a small window which allows for proper appreciation of the inner workings of this time piece.

16th Century Gun Powder Flask-Sundial Compass Watch
If the Swiss Army made pocket watches instead of knives I think they would have come up with something along the lines of this little gadget.   While it does use “sundial technology” rather than clock parts, this device was just too beautifully crafted to not receive a bit of acclaim.  It may be a less steamy pocket watch than others but I think the multi-purposing and clever craftsmanship of this watch offers earns it a place on at least the steampunk inspiration list. Keep in mind that this watch was created around 1590 in Germany. The round powder flask made of rosewood with inlaid and engraved rosette-shaped ornaments of brass and bone.

Golden Pocket Watch
This is probably the single most beautiful steampunk pocket watch I’ve ever seen.  It opens on both the front and back with the front side sporting the delicate little black hour hands.  This watch has just unbelievably beautiful scrollwork on the golden inner workings with tiny pink jewels placed just perfectly for optimal viewing pleasure.  So intricate and shiny, this is by far one of the most beautiful pocket watches out there.

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