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Apple Gets Steampunked

Apple Gets SteampunkedPutting a retro twist on technology is what steampunk is all about so it’s no surprise that people have taken to modifying and tinkering with all their Apple gadgets. For every Apple product out there it’s not hard to find a steampunked version of it, including everything from laptops to wallpapers to apps. Here are just a few examples of some awesome steampunk modifications on Apple devices.


apple mini screen keyboard
There’s all kinds of steampunk computers out there and some of them are just incredible. This is most definitely one of the best. The whole set-up is so perfectly done with such a wonderfully Victorian style. It looks exactly like something you’d expect to see if Apple had been pumping out electronics back in the 1800’s. Personally, the new housing given to the Apple Mini is my favorite part of this set-up.


steampunk computer desktop
Another fantastic example of a steampunk modified desktop computer, this one features beautiful brass work and a marble base. The keyboard has been outfitted with some very typewriter style keys and a the monitor has been given some brass knobs at the sides for adjusting purposes.


victorian steampunk redone apple imac
Here is an Apple iMac redone with brass and wood to achieve a very elegant steampunk look. The marbling on the keyboard matches fabulously with the base of the monitor, giving a very unified appearance to it all. I definitely have to point out that the Victorian wallpaper on the desktop is a nice touch.


electric clerk - modified steampunk mac
This amazing contraption is the hybrid offspring of a 1988 Mac SE, a 1923 Underwood typewriter, and an ingenious vision of steampunk engineering. This is probably one of the most truly antiquated looking steampunk computers out there, but that archaic 1988 Mac might lend some credibility to this contraption’s appearance of immense age.



ipad globe steampunk
More than just a simple iPad modification, this “Electromagnetic Geospacial Globe and Remote View with Obligatory Goggles” is actually a steampunked iPad set up to work with an RFID steampunk globe to manipulate the Google Earth app through remote access. The steampunk goggles are intended for remote viewing but the last update I’ve seen on those bad boys peg them currently as nonfunctional.


ipad steampunk
Anything with a steamed out and unnecessarily long title will always win my vote. This steampunk style iPad has a great aged map sort of wallpaper and a simple yet classy black and gold skin. And from now on I think I will be referring to all iPads as AetherOptic devices.


iPhone and iPod Cases

iPhone cases are probably one of the most popular items to modify so there’s no shortage of steampunk cases to choose from. Some are simple brass and wood cases with a minimalistic steampunk sort of feel while other are an amazing array of cogs and gears with metal or wood work added in fine detail.

This steampunk case has some nice gold working affixed to a dark wood case, not to mention a wonderful steampunk wallpaper.


iphone steampunk box
Here is a boxier type of case with brass hinges installed to offer to access your iPhone. Brass speakers have been added to the ear and mouth pieces allow for talking and listening while in its case.


iphone case steampunk touch
This one is a beautiful leather case that has been modified into a wonderful design of wheels and dials.


Quite possibly my favorite steampunk case, this is an incredible display of metallic clock parts framed by a steel case covered in tiny patches and rivets. I love the detail on this case!


steampunk ipod
Here is a wonderfully shiny iPod case of wood, brass, and copper. A somewhat simple design but quite elegant nonetheless.


iPhone and iPod Docks

Steampunk iPod Victrola
Doctor Grymm’s Eye-Pod Victrola is a fully functioning iPod and dock modified into a Frankenstein inspired Victrola machine. Pieced together with bits of brass, leather, steel, and the bones of old typewriters, this is without a doubt on of the most interesting iPod docks out there.
This iPhone dock uses a standard rotary phone type of base and steampunks it up with some shiny brass gears and screws. I love the look of the black and brass and find the whole thing to have a very steampunk nouveau look to it, of course that could be the result of all that shiny plastic.
ipod speaker steampunk
If your iPhone speakers need a steampunk upgrade, this dock has a very gramophone style set-up. This dock has a less polished look than others which almost gives a mad scientist kind of feel to the whole thing. A very unique iPhone dock, to be sure.



christmas steampunk carol
This 130 page iPad app of “A Christmas Carol” with steampunk graphics and interactive functionality is easily one of the most awesome apps I’ve seen. Although, having always been a fan of any rendition of “A Christmas Carol”, seeing this story with a more steampunk emphasis has clearly made me a little biased. Download
storydeck steampunk app
Storydeck is a story-based type of game which involves pairing cards to unlock pieces of the story. This version is a steampunk story involving a mad inventor with the reader playing the part of the inspector who is sent through time to set things right. Download


Steampunk Wallpapers and Skins

Steampunk skins and wallpaper are available in even greater abundance then iPhone cases. I personally love the brass clock wallpaper but here are a few other lovely examples of steampunk wallpapers for your iPhone.


These are a few iPhone skins as well that will give your phone a very steamy look without housing it in a clunky case of wood and gears. I find the skin of those shiny brass gears under the steel frame cut-away particularly appealing.


Of course, there are a few excellent steampunk laptop skins out there as well. You can choose from display of mechanical innards or the image of an antique style typewriter.



Some Apple Extras

While not exactly an Apple device, this rendering of a steampunk iPod was just too stunning to pass by. The glittering brass and strange dials make this one of the most beautiful steampunk gadgets out there. I just have to hope that the right tinkerer sees this and creates a fully functional version of this awesome little gadget.
steampunk apple
And c’mon, as if I wasn’t going to include and actual “steampunk apple”??

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