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10 Gorgeous Steampunk Wedding Dresses

Theme weddings are becoming ever more popular and for the couple who shares a passion for steampunk, a steampunk themed wedding is the only way to go. Of course, finding all the proper wedding necessities for a steam theme may prove to be a little more challenging than a more generic type of wedding, such as a winter wonderland or a luxurious princess theme. ...

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How To Make Your Own Steampunk Costume

Learning how to make your own steampunk costume doesn’t have to be an overly expensive or complicated project. The first step is figuring out where to start. For consistency’s sake, it can be a good idea to create your own character with a specific occupation or personality in mind. This can often give you more ideas for accessories and helps to ensure your outfit flows together nicely. Picking a Steampunk ...

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Where To Find Steampunk Jewelry Supplies

Many steampunks love to tinker, it kind of comes with the territory, and jewelry is one of the most popular items to make. Steampunk outfits are usually decked out with details and buying a bunch of pre-steamed jewelry to accent your look can get expensive. However, making your own steampunk jewelry isn’t too difficult and it can also give you an opportunity to add a little more of your own personality to y ...

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13 Sexy Steampunk Boots For Women

When you’re putting together your steampunk outfit for the evening, you’ve got to get the shoes right. There are plenty of flats and pumps out there but I really think steampunk boots belong in a category of their own. Maybe it’s that extra Victorian kind of class they give off, or maybe I just like a shoe that hugs my ankle… whatever it is, here is a list of 13 amazing steampunk boots that will have you co ...

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5 Big Steampunk Events In 2012

The number of steampunk conventions seems to only be increasing from year to year, giving more steampunks from all over the world the opportunity to attend one of these incredible events. Some of these conventions are brand new while others have been around for a few years and have earned themselves a little more experience and a higher number of attendees. The following five events are some of the larger o ...

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15 Wicked Steampunk Tattoo Designs

Steampunk style has been the inspiration for countless works of art, all kinds of imaginative outfits, and the most curious of contraptions; steampunk tattoos are no exception. They can range from a single cog tattooed around a finger to an all out landscape of clockworks and steam-power across an entire back. ...

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10 Awesome Steampunk Movies (For The Whole Family)

So, you’re trying to lure your kids into sharing your steampunk passion?  Or perhaps you yourself enjoy the mix of fantasy, animation, and steampunk gadgetry?  The following movies all contain some excellent steampunk elements (some a little more so than others) and are, in my opinion, excellent movies for steampunk lovers of any age. ...

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What Is Steampunk Fashion?

Buckles, machinist goggles, pocket watches and a petticoat all make great additions to a steampunk wardrobe, but steampunk fashion goes beyond just piecing together a few Victorian style garments and steam tech accessories. Discovering just the right items that suit your personality and combining them to ...

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