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10 Awesome Steampunk Movies (For The Whole Family)

So, you’re trying to lure your kids into sharing your steampunk passion?  Or perhaps you yourself enjoy the mix of fantasy, animation, and steampunk gadgetry?  The following movies all contain some excellent steampunk elements (some a little more so than others) and are, in my opinion, excellent movies for steampunk lovers of any age. ...

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What Is Steampunk Fashion?

Buckles, machinist goggles, pocket watches and a petticoat all make great additions to a steampunk wardrobe, but steampunk fashion goes beyond just piecing together a few Victorian style garments and steam tech accessories. Discovering just the right items that suit your personality and combining them to ...

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What Are Steampunk Gadgets?

Steampunk art has steadily become more popular over the years and the gadgets that you may have read about in your favorite steampunk novels are now getting to be more and more available as artists become inspired by this genre. Gadgets, machines, and devices imagined by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells have been recreated by steampunk enthusiasts while everyday items such as laptops and cell phones have been tra ...

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What Is Steampunk Art?

What had once been merely a literary genre has become a style and culture unto itself. While steampunk had previously been just an idea of an alternate history it has evolved into its own fashion, art movement, and way of life. Spurned on by so much fantastical and inventive imagery born from authors such as H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Tim Powers, and K.W. Jeter, fans were inspired to bring life to the beauty ...

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What Are Steampunk Movies?

Steampunk as a movie genre is a beast which evokes much debate from steampunk fans and critics alike.  Some fans claim that the list of steampunk movies is incredibly short and exclusive while others might compile massive lists of films which feature any machine sporting brass gears and a steam pipe.  For the most part, the steampunk genre can be narrowed down from more than just “science fiction movies wit ...

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What Is Steampunk Music?

So what exactly makes a type of music “steampunk”?  Is it the look of the artist, the ideals they stand for, the instruments they use, or the type of sound they produce that puts them into the steampunk music genre?  Can they be steampunk only some of the time or must they live and breath the genre?  For the most part these are highly debate questions but in many cases steampunk artists devote much or all o ...

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Steampunk Books: Where It All Started

Before the fashion, before the art, and before the conventions, steampunk existed primarily on paperback pages as Victorian fantasy meets science fiction.  Steampunk is an alternate history where steam power is the prominent technology and a fantasy subgenre where fictional inventions and anachronistic devices are widely used.  This genre may also be used to explore worlds and eras in which theorized or obs ...

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