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Cincinnati Steampunk Salon

Every first Saturday of the month, the League of Cincinnati Steampunks and associates gather at Arnold’s Bar & Grill (est. 1861) to share food, drinks, and tales of adventure. Steampunk attire is not mandatory, however, the vast majority of attendees do arrive in fine neo-Victorian garb. Don’t be put off you are just beginning into the world of steampunk, this is a very friendly crowd who are very willi ...

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Steamcon IV – Victorian Monsters to invade Seattle, 2012/10/26-28

Steamcon, Seattle's own Steampunk Convention and one of the largest and longest-lasting such events in the world, celebrates its 2012 Festival with a Halloween-themed celebration of Victorian Monsters. Steamcon is where thousands of fans and artists gather to celebrate the steampunk movement with dozens of panels, signings, special events and markets. This year’s theme is “Victorian Monsters,” a weekend-lon ...

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SteampunkDistrict.com going facebook

As the steampunk movement is both a thing of the past and a thing of the present time, we have decided to add facebook to our social portfolio. We would appreciate it a lot to see you among your steampunkdistrict.com facebook fans. To like us, simply click on the picture to the left, or scroll down to the footer and click on the facebook button. In the future we will keep you updated both here on steampunkd ...

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5 Big Steampunk Events In 2012

The number of steampunk conventions seems to only be increasing from year to year, giving more steampunks from all over the world the opportunity to attend one of these incredible events. Some of these conventions are brand new while others have been around for a few years and have earned themselves a little more experience and a higher number of attendees. The following five events are some of the larger o ...

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How To Become Part Of The Steampunk Community

Steampunk has grown from being merely a literary genre to a unique sub-culture encompassing everything from art and music to fashion and philosophy. As such, communities have developed and events have ensued. Living in the technological age that we do it has become much easier to find your fellow steampunks in order to get together for meet-ups, conventions, book signings, and other special steampunk events ...

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