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The Raven – steampunk short version of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”

It doesn't happen everyday, that a Steampunk movie is shot. Even less frequently is this done by a 17 year young man. Noah Martin, a Sammamish (WA)  resident and budding film producer, is soliciting donations to help pay for the costs of producing a short film version of the classic Edgar Allen Poe poem. But Martin, who has spent much of his teens honing his video production and 3D animation skills, envisio ...

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10 Awesome Steampunk Movies (For The Whole Family)

So, you’re trying to lure your kids into sharing your steampunk passion?  Or perhaps you yourself enjoy the mix of fantasy, animation, and steampunk gadgetry?  The following movies all contain some excellent steampunk elements (some a little more so than others) and are, in my opinion, excellent movies for steampunk lovers of any age. ...

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What Are Steampunk Movies?

Steampunk as a movie genre is a beast which evokes much debate from steampunk fans and critics alike.  Some fans claim that the list of steampunk movies is incredibly short and exclusive while others might compile massive lists of films which feature any machine sporting brass gears and a steam pipe.  For the most part, the steampunk genre can be narrowed down from more than just “science fiction movies wit ...

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