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Cincinnati Steampunk Salon

Every first Saturday of the month, the League of Cincinnati Steampunks and associates gather at Arnold’s Bar & Grill (est. 1861) to share food, drinks, and tales of adventure. Steampunk attire is not mandatory, however, the vast majority of attendees do arrive in fine neo-Victorian garb. Don’t be put off you are just beginning into the world of steampunk, this is a very friendly crowd who are very willing to offer all sorts of advice for the steampunk novice.

Typical attendance ranges from 20-40 people; they meet at 8 p.m. on the second floor of Arnold’s. This is a fantastic bar that has been in operation since 1861 (yes indeed, it continued to sell booze all through out the prohibition era) and is located at 210 East Eighth Street in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. There is usually plenty of street parking, but there is also a parking lot across the street. Once inside the bar just ask the bar staff for the steampunk gathering and they will happily direct you to the staircase; in fact they will probably help you before you even get to ask.

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