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How To Become Part Of The Steampunk Community

Steampunk Community

Steampunk has grown from being merely a literary genre to a unique sub-culture encompassing everything from art and music to fashion and philosophy.  As such, communities have developed and events have ensued.  Living in the technological age that we do it has become much easier to find your fellow steampunks in order to get together for meet-ups, conventions, book signings, and other special steampunk events.

Online and Offline Steampunk Communities

When attempting to connect with your fellow steampunk fans and enthusiasts the internet will usually be your quickest and most convenient resource.  Not only will you be able to search for local offline clubs, groups, and events, you will also be able to connect with likeminded fans in online communities through forums and social networking sites.  Appreciating and having a passion for anything steampunk is satisfying enough on its own but being able to share your interests can be an unparalleled experience.

Offline communities can usually be found through meet-up boards in your particular city or by simple searches involving “steampunk” and the city you live in.  Online communities, to the delightful convenience of steampunks around the world, can be accessed by anyone from any location and at any time.  A few notable community sites may include steam-city.com and steampunkempire.com; brassgoggles.co.uk and ottens.co.uk for Britain; or steampunkcanada.ca for Canadian steampunks.

Steampunk Conventions

Conventions dedicated to the expression of everything steampunk are becoming easier and easier to find.  New conventions are popping up every year as the steampunk genre gains popularity.  Some conventions are geared towards steampunk themes only while others such as Comic Con, Omnicon, UltimaCon, and UtopiaCon incorporate the steampunk element in amongst similar types of art and fiction.  A few strictly steampunk types of conventions include Steamcon, TempleCon, SteamFEST, Wild Wild West Con, and World Steam Expo.

Depending on where you live and your ability to travel for conventions you may be able to attend any number of events throughout the entire year.  However, those with limited travel opportunities aren’t out of luck because steampunk conventions can be found all across North America.  Tor.com and coalcitysteam.com are excellent sites that can be used to research dates and locations of many steampunk events.

Steampunk Book Signings

Because steampunk was a literary genre before it was anything else it’s no surprise that steampunk books and their authors are an integral part of steampunk society.  Book signings and tours are a common thing in the steampunk world.  They provide an amazing opportunity to meet and listen to an author who has really inspired you and allow you to connect with likeminded fans.  Details regarding book tours of favorite authors can usually be found on their personal website, their social networking pages, or from any local steampunk community site within your region.

While it’s easy to appreciate the steampunk genre as an individual it can be infinitely more exciting and rewarding when you’re able to share the experience with your fellow fans.  Whether you meet them face to face or connect with them through steampunk forums, the opportunity to discuss your passions for the world of steam should not go unexplored.

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