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Nice Steampunk outfit accessories for female Halloween Costumes

As a last minute post – shortly before Halloween – we wanted to show you a few accessories to spice up your Halloween outfit. Most of them have been suggested by our dear readers.

With this bag filled with realistic looking plastic gears you can individualize your Victorian, Industrial and Science Fiction Costumes. It is a nice add-on to many outfit parts, like a hat, your shoes and many more.

This Steampunk ring goes well together with the following accessories.
This multiband bracelet is just too kute to pass by. We think although it is steampunk it is a very contemporary piece of jewelry with it’s gear charms.
Together with the steampunk ring, we’ve mentioned above, we think these clip on earrings are a nice detail for a steampunk outfit – especially at this low price!
Ok, we have to admit this brown polyester corset is not an accessory as such, but wow we like steampunk corsets so much, we could not leave this one in the closet ;)

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