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Perfect Steampunk Halloween Costume Idea 2012 for the Ladies

Have you been running out of ideas for a cute, original female Halloween costume for yourself or your girlfriend?
Maybe we, from Steampunk District, can show you a few options to guide you for a last minute outfit for an upcoming Halloween party.

So let’s start with a full costume, for those among you who don’t want to assemble their whole outfit. This costume is made out of light-weight polyester and comes complete with ruffled top, jacket, corset belt and skirt.
Beginning from the top, we start with a nice classic black deluxe satin hat. Needless to say this hat has more uses than only for a steampunk outfit. This elegant piece can even be worn to next ball or dance.
This Mystery House Steampunk Mini Hat is ideal for the delicate, smaller shape of a female head. It is enhanced with various steampunk gears and feathers. We think this is too cute to be worn only for Halloween!
Moving further down we come to goggles. Goggles are equally important to a nice steampunk outfit as the hat. These goggles will not only be a nice addition to your halloween costume, but can be handy when you need to weld during the rest of the year.
Only very few men will be able to resist this black faux leather underbust corset with shoulder straps. It is available in various sizes and show off your figure in the slimmest way possible. Please keep in mind that you body will need some space for breathing – or you might collapse.
This plastic steampunk gold metal toy gun has a nice steampunk look to it. If you build yourself a nice fitting holster, the set while will give you more respect by other steampunk fans.
With these steampunk gears and cogs you can easily pimp up your costume or other steampunk items. But please don’t overdu it – this will result in a cheap and uncreative result, which will not be given much credit by the steampunk community.

If you have come up with other steampunk costumes or want to show off your very unique creation, please leave a comment or get in contact with us!

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  • Sheila Lodge

    I am going on 64 and I am so excited about Steampunk clothes. With Halloween coming up soon I have to get busy.


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