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The Raven – steampunk short version of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”

It doesn’t happen everyday, that a Steampunk movie is shot. Even less frequently is this done by a 17 year young man.

Noah Martin, a Sammamish (WA)  resident and budding film producer, is soliciting donations to help pay for the costs of producing a short film version of the classic Edgar Allen Poe poem. But Martin, who has spent much of his teens honing his video production and 3D animation skills, envisions setting the story in a different sort of thematic framework – steampunk, a pseudo-Victorian-era, science fiction-filled brand of art and fashion.

“I always liked the darker style (of Poe) and liked the way he made people feel comfortable with some things that were not so bright and happy,” Martin said.

Noah, is homeschooled and is now enrolled in video production classes at Bellevue College. He was taking a literature class at a local home school co-op his sophomore year when he was drawn to the dark mystery of “The Raven.” Noah said it was the only piece of literature in the class he didn’t hate. He credits his homeschooling background with indulging his creativity.

Noah said he’s not a subscriber to the steampunk “lifestyle,” involving elaborate Victorian-era costumes that incorporate mechanical flourishes and 19th century technology. But he said the ethos of the movement fits well with the somber mood of the story.

Nevertheless Noah wants to create his steampunk’d version of “The Raven” and has found help at Big Flood Production.

A short presentation of the project can be viewed below:

If you want to support Noah and make his dream come true you can pledge for the production here:

The Raven project at Kickstarter

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