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What Is Steampunk Fashion?

What Is Steampunk Fashion?

Steampunk Fashion

Buckles, machinist goggles, pocket watches and a petticoat all make great additions to a steampunk wardrobe, but steampunk fashion goes beyond just piecing together a few Victorian style garments and steam tech accessories.  Discovering just the right items that suit your personality and combining them to create a unique look is a large part of the steampunk fashion process.  Of course, in order to find the perfect clothing and accessories to express your passion for steampunk you’ll need to know where to start.

To start in the right direction, think Victorian era fashion.  If lace and velvet aren’t your style you may prefer something in more of a dusty brown leather type of wardrobe.  Victorian society encompassed more than just the high class courtesan types so there are plenty of styles to choose from beyond ruffles and puffy dresses if that’s just not your thing.  However, steampunk is a modernization of the Victorian era so the clothing doesn’t have to be entirely authentic to the period so much as just inspired by that style.

Steampunk Fashion for Women

A few examples of standard Victorian ladies garments would include corsets, floor length skirts, petticoats, and those wonderfully ruffled blouses.  Bloomers, crinolines, veils, and bustles are all great additions as well. If you’re looking for accessories, then cameos, brooches, and chokers would all be suitable jewellery options.

Steampunk Fashion for Men

Men’s wardrobes may consist of frock coats, waistcoats, vests, breeches, and dusters.  Top hats, cravats, leather gloves, monocles, and walking sticks would be popular accessories.  Using any of these items as a base for your wardrobe will give your look a classic authenticity.

Getting Started With Steampunk Clothing

Since steampunk is more than just historical Victorian fashion, you’ll need to add some steam inspired reinvention.  Typical steampunk accessories may include pocket watches, goggles, ammunition belts, ray guns, or robot arms.  Anything that suggests invention or futurism is probably a good choice.  Keep in mind that steampunk isn’t a set look; it should be an expression of what the style means to the individual.  If machinist goggles hold no meaning to you, don’t add them to your ensemble just for the sake of having them.  There are no rules that need to be followed but more of a general reimagining of an alternate Victorian history.

Your style will be based entirely on your preferences but some good starting points can still be suggested.  The steampunk look is generally “old fashioned” meets “futuristic” so sticking to Victorian era materials can add a level of authenticity to your outfit, but don’t be afraid to give your look your own modern spin.  The same goes for “feminine” or “masculine” accessories; brooches for men’s outfits and ammunition belts for the ladies are more than acceptable.

Your steampunk wardrobe will be based on your tastes so be free with it and have fun.

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