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Where To Find Steampunk Jewelry Supplies

steampunk jewelry suppliesMany steampunks love to tinker, it kind of comes with the territory, and jewelry is one of the most popular items to make. Steampunk outfits are usually decked out with details and buying a bunch of pre-steamed jewelry to accent your look can get expensive. However, making your own steampunk jewelry isn’t too difficult and it can also give you an opportunity to add a little more of your own personality to your outfit.

Basic Jewelry To Get You Started

When creating anything steampunk you’ll have two options, you can start from scratch or modify and existing item. For steampunk jewelry you can start with old rings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, brooches, wrist cuffs, or earrings. Usually plain looking jewelry gives you more room to improve and all you really need is the frame to add your own steampunkery to it. Simple chains and bracelets are a good place to start. Old belts can also make a great base for a pair of wrist cuffs. Sometimes removing certain parts from old jewelry, such as earring hooks and necklace fasteners, is all you need.

Standard Steampunk Scrap Parts

Vintage watches are a gold mine for steampunk tinkerers. Ripping them apart for their tiny wheels, gears, cogs, hands, and faces will give you a great cache of parts to use for the fine details needed in your steampunk jewelry. Old fashioned keys and little steamy looking charms from bracelets make great additions or center pieces for any project. Some excellent craft supplies for steampunk jewelry might include metallic beads, lace, velvet, thin chains, and bits of wire. If you can get your hands on some cameos they always give an awesome Victorian feel to any steampunk works.

Where Can You Find Supplies?

If you aren’t looking for any specific parts, then you should definitely cruise through all the craft stores, thrift stores, and dollar stores in your area. You can often find cheap items to break down and use for parts or little odds and ends to incorporate into your next project. For more specific items you can search ebay.com or etsy.com and quite often you’ll find what you’re looking for, but you may just need to pay for that convenience. Specialty stores, either online or offline, will also be useful when looking for certain pieces, like antique watch and clock parts, but they too may end up being a little more on the expensive side.

With a diligent eye you can find steampunk jewelry supplies in even the most mundane places. Before throwing out old toys, take a peek inside for any spare springs or other metal workings. Old clothes can always be cut up for their lacy bits. A scrap of velvet or silk can be sewn into chokers or wrist cuffs, giving you a blank slate to glue, sew, or pin whatever you want on it. Just set your eyes to brass and leather spotting mode and you’ll probably find more than you expected.

You can also find a lot of awesome (but cheap!) steampunk jewelry and how-to books on creating your own at Amazon.com.

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